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So you’ve done all the work as an unsigned artist and you’re enjoying the independence of an unsigned artist. Why should that independence change?

Unless a label offers you big bucks and a fair deal that matches your mission as an artist, we think you’re better off as an independent! 

At 1KingMusic we want to provide independent artists with a platform to showcase your talent while also providing the tools to give you the professional edge.

Services levels

level 1 – we call this our platform level, if we agree with you to offer you this level, for a small monthly fee €35 per month you’ll get:

  • we will also give you a professional email address @1kingmusic or on your own domain on office365. including Sharepoint & OneDrive access.
  • profile page in artist profiles
  • we will post your news on our blog and website
  • we will make you our featured artist from time to time (rota)
  • we will promote you on our social media channels
  • we will follow up lead opportunities with you
  • we wont release your music you look after that.
  • promote your events

level 2 – everything contained in level 1 for €75 per month, you’ll get additional coverage:

  • release your music and pass on 100% royalties received across all major streaming & online stores.
  • work with you to promote & release singles to radio airplay (2 per year)
  • monitor radio airplay and claim royalty on your behalf (2 per year, one region)

Service add-ons to either level

  • Recording Studio time – with the right studio and engineer you can sound amazing! If you need help here we can, however we will need to release your track on our label and until we have recouple costs will need to take a royalty commission.
  • Tour; we will pair you with a suitable artist to tour with
  • monitor radio airplay in one region, 3 month.
  • Chartbreaker Promotion Service – when you have a single we feel ready to launch to the charts we will use our Chartbreaker service from our label provider. (to avail of this service 1KingMusic has to release your track under our label, we will collect royalty on your behalf and take a fair commission)

To avail of our services please send us your audition reel & something about you as an artist to

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