1King Music is primarily the vision of Richie Gardiner who has been working in the Irish broadcasting industry for over 10 years. Richie also has a 30+ years working in Youth & Children’s Ministry in a discipleship and outreach context in a variety of settings.

1King Music is founded on Christian missional values and has a heart to see people won to Jesus through inspirational music. We believe our artists have positive influence on their fans and can bring about beneficial impact in introducing people to know Jesus.

It’s a new thing. About the artists we adopt not about the label.

Adoption is a great thing, and we recognise all the work emerging unsigned artist have done to get this far. 1King Music chooses to adopt these quality artists and help propel their careers.

1King Music encourages and supports the emerging unsigned artist whilst protecting their mission. Our artists, on tour are not only music performances but are part of something much bigger. Imagine a tour with a mission team doing outreach in a local church setting, helping the church make a positive impact in their community. Learning and growing together in the Kingdom of God.

1King Music partners with mission organisations in Ireland to provide teams that help make a difference in your community. Learning and growing together in the Kingdom of God.

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